Digital pH Meter AS218 Smart Sensor
Description Measuring range 0.00~14.00pH, +/-0.05 accuracy, +/- 0.03 stability, +/- 0.03 repeatability, compensation 0-60C, response time […]
Smart Sensor AS971 Protable Moisture Meter
Smart Sensor AS971 Portable Moisture Meter Bangladesh Description Moisture meter for wood, test probe pin, backlight […]
Light box Bulb
Just D50 Daylight Lightbox And Lamp 2Feet 4Feet Color Viewing Light – JUST-Normlicht. COLOUR ASSESSMENT CABINET WITH […]
Hashima HN-30 Handheld Needle Detector
Description Needle discovery sound, 0.8mm steel and 5mm range from the surface, howdy low affectability select […]
Pantone GP1601A
Description Lighting Indicator page demonstrate, 294 new Pantone color printed, 2161 Pantone color display, solid coated […]
And Gulf Precision Electronic Balance Machine
Description And gulf digital GSM weight balance machine measures and directly indicates fabric quality in terms […]
Aqua-Boy PMII Paper Moisture Meter
Description 6%~30% paper moisture meter, easy to use and highly portable, 0.1% accuracy, use for cardboard […]
Pantone-FHIC300A BD
Description 2625 reference colors, handy for designers and in-house colorists, helps visualizing and then specifying colors […]
Richard JH Hilfiger RJH-18L Industrial Dehumidifier
Description Rotary Panasonic compressor, 18L/D capacity, 375ft²~430 ft² cover range, 5°C~38°C Mc .operating temperature. Please Call […]
Digital Caliper IP54 12"
Description Stainless steel with large LCD display, terma ABS origin digital caliper, waterproof digital vernier caliper, […]