Tcx Cotton Planner Pantone BD in Bangladesh

Pantone-FHIC300A BD
Pantone FHIC300A FHI Cotton Planner BD Price

Tcx Cotton Planner Pantone Book new version available in Bangladesh

Brand: Pantone

Model: FHIC300A

Made: USA

No of Colors: 2625 

Size of Chips: 5/8” x 5/8” {1.58 cm X 1.58cm}

New Edition: 2020 

The Cotton Planner is a helpful work area reference for each of the 2,625 PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors, including the 315 New Colors. Its conservative size makes it simple to utilize both in the workplace and in a hurry. Cotton chips are for all time joined to non-optically lit up paper for exact variety seeing. Each tone is named with the relating PANTONE Number (with a TCX postfix) for simple variety area and correspondence.

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