Orbital Mechanical Shaker in Bangladesh

Orbital Mechanical Shaker

Digital RJH5005 12-Stand Orbital Mechanical Shaker is available at the cheapest price in Bangladesh.


Orbital Mechanical Shaker

Brand: Richard James Hilfiger UK

Model: RJH5005

Country of Origin: China

RPM: 20 ~250 / per min. (Accurate)

Counting System: Digital & Super Accuracy

Stand: 12 Stands

An orbital mechanical shaker is a device that is used to shake various types of containers with a circular or elliptical motion. This type of shaker is often used in laboratories to mix various types of liquids. In Bangladesh, these shakers are often used in the food and beverage industry to mix and shake various types of food and beverage products.

Digital RJH5005 12-Stand Orbital Mechanical Shaker

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