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Pantone Tpg Color Guide


Pantone Tpg Book

Brand: Pantone

Model: FHIP110A

FHIP110A Pantone Trims Power

Highlighting 315 NEW motivating on-pattern colors.
The Fashion, Home + Interiors (FHI) Color Guide puts 2,625 market-important colors in the center of your hand! Shown in two versatile, color-on-paper fan decks, and organized by the color family for the ideal survey, the FHI Color Guide is the ideal in a hurry apparatus for color motivation and correspondence. An ally to our FHI cotton arranges, the FHI Color Guide works with cross-material coordination and improved color precision when working between delicate material materials and item surfaces highlighting paint or shade – like cowhide, fired, or metal. Regardless of whether in the workplace, at home, or in a hurry, this is the most ideal instrument for you.

  • Total Colors: 2625
  • No. of New Colors: 315
  • Old Pantone TPG Edition had 2310 Colors.
  • Official Release – 3rd July 2020
  • Color Prefix: TPG

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